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ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)

Enterprise Resources Planning Projects / Softwares mainly include optimization of business processes rather than a software project for companies. The first phase of ERP Projects starts with the analysis and documentation of the business processes of the companies rather than the software selection and activation. At this stage, the business processes of the companies are analyzed, cleaned from unnecessary steps, processes and responsibilities are determined in a definite way. Then, the selection of ERP software, adaptation of the software to the company, software activation steps are performed. In this context, the business processes are presented as optimized in ERP solutions which are already proven in the market. However, it is critical that the tailored optimized business processes are tailored to the company.

As Alfa Global, for the cost-effective and successful adaptation of your existing ERP projects,

Business Analysis of Company Processes,
Preparing “Functional Analysis Documents” in the frame of the analysis carried out,
ERP software selection,
Selected ERP software project management,
Software Activation,

we offer you solutions in these areas.