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ILS (Integrated Logistics Support)

Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) is the cost effective way of meeting economically necessary needs of the system, supportability and system reliability, guaranteeing, the design phase of the systems, development, production, inventory taking, operation and lifetime plan and the implementation of this plan to provide all of the services.

From this point of view, if the system requires integrated logistics support for concept and design phases, it plans in the direction of the designated requests. Contents of this course include Configuration, Maintenance and Material Management, Technical Documentation Management and Personnel and Training Planning.

As Alfa Global, determination of the systems required for the concept concept and design phase;

Configuration Management, production of configuration products, creation of configuration product trees, identification of functional and physical breakdowns on generated product trees,

Maintenance management, includes the development of algorithms for identification of planned maintenance, generation of generic measurement and generic maintenance plans, determination of periods for scheduled maintenance, disassembly of subsystems to be implemented, assignment of tasks (tasks) for planned maintenance, detection and elimination of faults (removal) configuration of fault detection and remediation algorithms on the product tree,

Material order management, inventory and warehouse management, material requirements planning, procurement and contract management operations / creation and documentation of extinguishing schemes,

Technical documentation, creation of technical documentation processes in the direction of inquiry / civil standards, determination of standards, establishment of technical documentation inventory,

Personnel and Training, determination of personal qualifications and quantities for personal transactions in order to be effective and economically sustainable, identification of training plans and educational resources for individuals and organizations,

Operational Life Cycle Management, is part of the life cycle costing, inventory planning and weapons system life cycle management solutions for cost management throughout life cycle of high cost defense systems.

  • Life Cycle Cost Analysis
  • Weapon System Inventory Planning
  • System Activity Analysis

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